We’ve been meaning to start a blog for awhile now, so here it goes. Great time we had last Thursday night at our son Bryce’s Art Auction at his Otis Elementary School, in Alameda. To help raise funds for the school’s art program because of potential budget cuts, we’ve teamed up with 2 other parents, Jeannette Copperwaite and Ani Dimusheva, to create ‘Bubbles in the Fishtank’ — a multi-media presentation of Bryce’s 2nd grade classmates using our portraits and candids of them, the kids’s artwork, interviews of the kids and their teacher Mrs. Scriven, and video. It feels great to be doing a project of value to the community we live in. We’ll be showing a more in-depth presentation at another fundraiser on May 10th.

We’ve been looking to do a documentary photography project where we can shoot with b&w film, and to spend some time in the darkroom where we can produce beautiful prints. To see more of the project: go to the Client Access section on our web site, the password is: sbsh10, and then click on Gallery.