Ian, Elizabeth, Joshua, Samuel, Ziaullah, Jake, Bryce, and Chiarra.

Ian, Elizabeth, Joshua, Samuel, Ziaullah, Jake, Bryce, and Chiara.

So here we are, only 2 1/2 months after shooting the kids of Otis Elementary, and we’re thinking why the heck have we not posted some of these photos to our blog? We did a similar fundraising project to this last year of our son Bryce’s 2nd grade class in b&w which was great fun, and were eager to do it again this year as the kids are getting older.




We’ve become involved as volunteers with Taproots.org, and are very happy we have. We really enjoy doing this type of work. It’s an organization with combines the volunteer efforts of professionals from a variety of professions, to help non-profits succeed. We’ve become involved with the Huckleberry Youth Project, a teen crisis center in San Francisco, and have been working with 3 other volunteers to update their web site. Last Thursday, we set up a little studio in a small corner of where their graduation ceremony was taking place, and did portraits of some of the graduates by themselves and with their families.