Well what do you know, we have finally published our project ‘American Portraits: Hopes and Dreams,’ with Blurb.com and are very excited it. After working on this for so many years, since the late 70’s, it really was time to see how it would look in a book format. I (SB) went to a seminar by Deanne Delbridge, the Creative Consultant, earlier in the year, and she had the group commit to doing at least one ‘passion work,’ and this is what I promised myself that I would do by August.

Here’s the cover of the book. We often wonder whatever happened to Pam, this 4 year old girl who is on the cover of the book, as she would be in her early 20’s by now. We were doing a photo story about her family of 9 who lived in a school bus in a campground, in Fall City, WA. During our 5 years of living in Seattle, among other things, we were shooting for a small weekly called the Eastside Week which had a brilliant art director Sandra Schneider, who was able to design very progressive and edgy layouts. She pushed us in ways not many had done up to that point, or since. So while walking around the campground, Pam was following us, curious, and wanting to play.

At one point Pam asked if she could take a picture with one of our cameras, so Sandy gave her one of our Nikormat cameras to shoot with, and then she did her portrait of Pam with the camera she had, also a Nikormat probably. That old camera was built like a tank, and we loved it. We had a camera technician ask us once, why we had a garden growing in our cameras, and what could we say besides smile a bit.

It’s an interesting thing really, that both of us were drawn to documenting the small and ordinary but very important moments of our daily lives, with our families and in our communities, even before we met back in 1984. Many years later, we can now see that we’ve always known that these moments and scenes described the iconic Americana which interests and excites us – and that they are important to document and interpret with our vision.

To see a brief 15 page preview of the book, just go to Blurb.com, and go to the Recently Published Books section —

Before too much time passed, this is how the DVD cover ended up looking for the fundraiser we worked on since the beginning of April, for Bryce’s Otis School’s Art Program. It was a great successs with all the kids and their families, and we were able to raise a little bit of money for the school. To see how the b&w portraits played with the that great song by Maurice Chevalier, go to the Multi-Media section on our web site: saul-sandraphoto.com