Adventures With Koen – The 1st Year

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Just published our book ‘Adventures With Koen: the 1st year’ on Blurb. Took me awhile to figure out how to work with the Blurb software, but it’s all good now. We’re glad to have collaborated with Coral and Scott, and have their photos from the birth and with their family. It feels good to push the Publish button after around 16 months of photography and designing the book. And – it gets me to thinking that I should be doing books of some of our other projects.

Here’s a link to the 1st 15 pages of the book  –


Once Upon a Time – Photos of The San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Freedom Day Parade

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Almost forgot with last week being Gay Pride week, but I guess the 1st project we did together was a 7- year documentary essay about the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Freedom Day Parade as it was called back then, from 1984 – 1990. This was a project that prepared us to do the work we did years later at the Bailey-Boushay House, an AIDS Hospice in Seattle, WA., as well as other stories. We’d just go up and down Market Street and have the greatest time, doing portraits of people, and documenting the event with a historical perspective in mind. This photo essay shows a range of scenes which conveys what it was like back then — some years where it felt like a big party in the streets, and for several years, a celebration for Gay Pride as well as a Memorial for the 1st victims of AIDS. We’re glad & proud to have documented those times, and here’s a gallery where we show them —

Just made a quick edit, and here’s 10 of the images:

Dykes on Bikes - 1990

At the Castro - 20th Anniversary of the Gay Parade -- 1990

'Mr. Leather Float' -- 1985

'Dancing Women' -- 1984

'Dykes on Bikes' -- 1985

At the Civic Center -- 1985

'Bonnie and Laura' -- 1985

'Dancing Men' -- 1987 or 1988

20th Anniversary of the Gay Parade, near the Castro District -- 1990

'Women Playing at the Civic Center' -- 1986

Photography of the 2010 Stanford GSB Graduation

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I’ve been shooting the Stanford Graduation ceremony for the past 9 years, and I always enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new and fresh for the GSB News & Communications Dept.

PhD Graduates

Moments before receiving his diploma.

Many graduates receive their diploma holding their babies, or holding on to their child.

New Graduate with His Family

Photo Shoot at Zeum: SF’s Childrens Museum

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We did another fun photo shoot at Zeum last week, and before too much time passes by, let’s put some up here —

Zeum has just completed a real good video about their mission, which is to nurture creativity, collaboration, and communication in kids of all ages —

Rich Experiences

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I was thinking about how important it is for me to have to be constantly nourished and stimulated by rich and fantastic experiences, as I was watching one of the all time feel good movies — “Fly Away Home,” while my 5  1/2 year old Micah was sitting on my lap in the late afternoon which of course, made it all the better. My idea was for him to watch the movie while I got some work done, but when he came down soon after the movie began and asked if he could see Hannah Montana instead, well see, I thought that I better just sit with him on this one. And what do you know, before long, I have these chills running up and down my arms, about this true story of a young 14 year old girl who teaches her Canadian Geese to fly, and leads them on their migration route on a little plane about 500 miles south for the winter.

So how did this happen, that I got these goose bumps, these chills? The film was beautifully shot in stunningly beautiful light, with scenes showing the wide expanses of where they were flying, and also showing how fragile and vulnerable the girl was in relation to the world she was leading her geese to. The filmmaker was able to do this without lecturing the audience or being heavy handed about it, and showing that while this was a dangerous adventure, it was also so worthwhile at the same time. A classic case of a young innocent doing the impossible against all odds and succeeding. Great story, and now I’ve gotta add it to the “Godfather,” “Goodfellows,” most of Woody Allen’s movies, and ‘ELF’ in my all time movie selections.

And so it got me to thinking about the rich experiences we’ve had with our photography, and there are so many really — so many people we’ve met, and adventures we’ve had over the years….

In the early 1990’s when we lived in Seattle, we became involved with the Bailey-Boushay House, probably the 1st AIDS hospice in the country at that time, and we got to know numerous terrific people ill with this horrific illness, their families, their friends, the facility’s nurses and volunteers, and it became an enormously enriching experience as we were able to photograph moments of sacredness and beauty numerous times, as people allowed us to document these painful days in their lives.

We love the experience of photographing our community, our families, our neighborhoods, trying to figure out what it all means if anything, and if it does mean anything how do we feel about it. We’ve done this for the past 30 years in a project we call “American Portraits: Hopes and Dreams.”

We’ve created a book which we sell on Blurb —

This is the full gallery of 162 images of the project —

Which leads me to how much fun I had tonight sitting with our sons Bryce and Micah, and watching a Little League game between the Express and the Knights with a whole bunch of other parents who I know well and who know my family just as well, and just soaking in the whole atmosphere, every precious moment of it.

Our son Bryce plays on the Hooks, so of course I’ve been doing a lot of photos of the games, and here’s some good ones from this year and from a couple of years ago —

Repurposing an Idea

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We met with Sande Smith at the Women’s Foundation of California a couple of weeks ago, and were real glad to find this enlightening post on her blog. It’s really pretty simple, but what a great idea it is — which is to share and reach out to people we know and those we don’t (but wish to) with what has already been created, experienced, said, seen, heard, or read, and adapt it for new uses and new audiences.

It’s much like what many of us love to do on Facebook  now, sharing our experiences.

Here’s 4 videos I’ve shared in the past couple of months on my FB page —

1. K.D. Lang’s bone chilling Halleelujah —

2. The NY Times published a small portfolio by Jim Marshall, the famous rock & roll photographer who died in March. Pass it on —

3. George Carlin talking about the ‘STUFF’ we keep —

4. And just over the weekend the NY Times had this disturbing video of 2 young girls, 13-14 year olds, being flogged in their village for not submitting to their much older husbands —

Zen Hospice Open House

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A couple of months ago I met Jennifer Germaine, Communications Director of the Zen Hospice in San Francisco, and she invited me to photograph the Open House they were planning on having, which I did last Wednesday —

During the Blessing

During the Blessing

The Alter at the Blessing

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