Almost forgot with last week being Gay Pride week, but I guess the 1st project we did together was a 7- year documentary essay about the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Freedom Day Parade as it was called back then, from 1984 – 1990. This was a project that prepared us to do the work we did years later at the Bailey-Boushay House, an AIDS Hospice in Seattle, WA., as well as other stories. We’d just go up and down Market Street and have the greatest time, doing portraits of people, and documenting the event with a historical perspective in mind. This photo essay shows a range of scenes which conveys what it was like back then — some years where it felt like a big party in the streets, and for several years, a celebration for Gay Pride as well as a Memorial for the 1st victims of AIDS. We’re glad & proud to have documented those times, and here’s a gallery where we show them —

Just made a quick edit, and here’s 10 of the images:

Dykes on Bikes - 1990

At the Castro - 20th Anniversary of the Gay Parade -- 1990

'Mr. Leather Float' -- 1985

'Dancing Women' -- 1984

'Dykes on Bikes' -- 1985

At the Civic Center -- 1985

'Bonnie and Laura' -- 1985

'Dancing Men' -- 1987 or 1988

20th Anniversary of the Gay Parade, near the Castro District -- 1990

'Women Playing at the Civic Center' -- 1986